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We operate in the fields of: App design, Software development, implementation and digital transformation consulting

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About us

APPigital is a company operating in the field of digital transformation, with core services such as digital transformation consulting, digital transformation strategy, software development, mobile app development...

We are aware that accompanying businesses in the digital age is an important building block for development, and exists in an era of highly challenging digital transformation demand.

High-tech staff as the core

APPigital - A pioneering effort in the field of technology and software development, we build a team of pioneering digital leaders and meet the needs of the times for many generations to come.

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Our services

Thiết kế app android APPigital

A specialized Android app development service, which is built by APPigital, an explicit, optimal and efficient process

thiết kế app IOS APPigital

Specialized Apple iOS app development service, creating effective applications and effective project management

Mobile App Development services by customizing demand, perform app development on request from customers, develop powerful apps

Thiết kế giao diện UI UX APPigital

UI / UX design service for specialized, exclusive, innovative mobile applications with the most cost savings

tư vấn chuyển đổi số APPigital

Become your expert, onsite directly at your business.

Thiết kế app android APPigital

marketing services, implementing professional performance marketing

Desktop software development services, exclusive, innovative with the most optimal cost

Development enterprise software on top of specialized open platforms for ERP

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